Design by PHD helps to raise circa £1500 for DMRC Benevolent Fund

Wrexham-based design studio, Design by PHD, has helped to raise in the region of £1500 for the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) Benevolent Fund in recent months and will continue its support through ongoing design work into 2021.

17 Mar 2021

Discipline(s): Digital

In late 2020, Design by PHD, along with sister company Marketing by PHD, assembled and delivered 100 gift boxes to injured armed forces patients at DMRC Stanford Hall as part of an Operation Rudolph initiative set up by the fund. 

The PHD Team raised £285 of the total amount, which was supplemented by partners and clients via gifts and donations, including Funky Hampers, IT partner Singularitee and clients, Bimuno and Parkside.

Charity Development and Events Manager at DMRC Benevolent Fund, Brian Dent MBE, said: “As a small volunteer-run charity, support from partners such as Design by PHD is crucial for our operation and makes a huge difference to our fundraising efforts. Businesses and individuals that back our initiatives help to give the patients and staff of DMRC Stanford Hall the recognition and support they deserve.”

The DMRC Benevolent Fund provides funding to support holistic, occupational and social integration opportunities for injured armed forces patients that are not provided by public funding.

The charity runs various fundraising events throughout the year in which business and members of the public can get involved. Design by PHD will continue its support for DMRC Benevolent Fund by building a microsite and creating marketing materials for 2021 event, Pedal to Principality.

Further to this, the design company will also develop the DMRC Benevolent Fund’s new, responsive website, which is currently under construction. 

Paul Hewitt, MD at Design by PHD, added: “We’re proud to support the DMRC Benevolent Fund and pleased to see our team stepping up to the various challenges we ask them to get involved in. It’s the least we can do for the patients and staff at DMRC Stanford Hall. We look forward to continuing our support through design work into 2021.” 

For more information on the DMRC Benevolent Fund, you can email them at [email protected] or follow them on Twitter @dmrc_benfund 

For more information on Design by PHD services, please visit our what we do page


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