As the print industry converges at drupa 2024, Design by PH emerges as a beacon of support for its clients, offering a comprehensive suite of services to enhance their presence at the prestigious event. With a focus on developing sales collateral, stand designs, and on-site support through its sister company, PHD Marketing, Design by PH is empowering clients to make a lasting impression and seize opportunities in the dynamic world of print and packaging.


Sales Collateral Development:

At drupa 2024, first impressions are everything and Design by PH understands the importance of compelling sales collateral in capturing audience attention. Leveraging its expertise in graphic design, the agency collaborates closely with clients to develop bespoke sales materials that resonate with target audiences and communicate brand messages effectively. From brochures and product catalogues to digital presentations and promotional materials, Design by PH crafts visually stunning collateral that elevates client brands and sets them apart in a competitive landscape.


Stand Designs:

A standout exhibition stand is the cornerstone of success at drupa 2024, and Design by PH is at the forefront of creating immersive and memorable experiences for clients. Drawing on its proficiency in spatial design and brand storytelling, the agency conceptualises and executes stand designs that reflect the essence of each client’s brand while maximising engagement and interaction with visitors. Whether it’s a sleek and minimalist booth or a vibrant and interactive installation, Design by PH ensures that every stand captivates attention and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.


PHD Marketing On-Site Support:

In addition to its design prowess, Design by PH extends its support to clients at drupa 2024 through its sister company, PHD Marketing. With a dedicated team of professionals on-site, PHD Marketing provides comprehensive support services, including media management, promotional activities, and lead generation, to ensure that clients maximise their presence and ROI at the event. From pre-show planning to post-show follow-up, PHD Marketing serves as a strategic partner, guiding clients every step of the way and helping them achieve their objectives at drupa 2024.


Client Impact:

The support provided by Design by PH and PHD Marketing at drupa 2024 goes beyond mere logistics; it’s about empowering clients to shine on a global stage and seize opportunities for growth and expansion. By delivering exceptional design solutions, strategic guidance, and on-the-ground support, Design by PH and PHD Marketing enable clients to forge meaningful connections, showcase their innovations, and drive business success at one of the most prestigious events in the print and packaging industry.


Design by PH’s unwavering commitment to supporting clients at drupa2024 underscores its dedication to excellence and client success. As drupa 2024 unfolds, Design by PH remains a trusted partner, guiding clients towards success and shaping the future of the graphic design industry.


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